In 1996, 30 days after launching my consulting and coaching firm, I nervously walked into my first-ever consulting gig ready to change the world. I was also eager… Read More

A Band Director schools us in how to build a talent hotbed

What’s it take to build a dynasty? A good friend, Sarah or “Ms. Reck” to her students, directed her final band concert last Thursday after 32 years of… Read More

talent hotbeds

How resilient would YOU have been?

I just watched a 30-second video clip of a most bizarre ending to a high school softball game. These 30 seconds provide a fantastic hyper-speed-tutorial in resilience that… Read More


What’s your excuse for your high performance?

A former client of mine is an award-winning writer — and a delightful being. She makes reading easy, even though her topics are complex. As you read her… Read More

deadline drive success

A love song gone wrong. What song is running your business?

Today, Jose is a thriving college sophomore and a dear friend, one of the most wise and resilient people I know. He was once a Little Brother I… Read More


Success stories worth emulating—the rose bush and the Rolling Stones.

Part 1: When we moved into our current home, we inherited a yard that had 17 separate flowerbeds. Out of desire and necessity, Brenda (my beloved) became an… Read More

Ever had your heart broken? This dude turned heartbreak into gold.

I had lunch last weekend with Jeff, my best friend from high school. Today, Jeff’s an über successful insurance agent. I see his face plastered on a giant… Read More

from heartbreak to winning

Which battles are you fighting? A smart lesson from a client.

A wise client made a comment to me the other day. It was short and sweet, and it helps you look at yourself in the mirror in a… Read More

take a look at yourself in the mirror

Do you give divorce gifts? My friend did.

I’m re-gifting a valuable gift from a friend. When I went through a divorce many years ago, I fought hard to avoid the chaos and public humility I was… Read More

divorce gifts

Have you made winning too complicated?

If your goal is to make a great impact in your business and your life, your work falls into two simple categories: Times of chaos, confusion, and crisis… Read More

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