What’s your excuse for your high performance?

A former client of mine is an award-winning writer — and a delightful being.

She makes reading easy, even though her topics are complex.
As you read her work, you feel like you’re having a casual conversation with a friend, not absorbing complicated information.

I wanted to write like she did.
Through our work, we became friends, so when I started writing 10 years ago, I called to ask for advice. 

The seeker and the sage.
We chatted for awhile before I worked up the nerve to tell her about my own desire to write and then ask her, “Is there a technique you’d suggest I adopt? A teacher you’d recommend I study with? A course to take? A book I should read?”

She was silent as she considered my questions. As she began to speak, I took notes. “Well, I’ve tried many different writing techniques over the years. And I’ve had some great teachers. There are definitely some writing books worth reading.”

deadline drive success“But in the end, what I think makes me the best writer I can be is …….”

“A deadline.”
I stopped typing. That was NOT what I was expecting. It’s taken me years to appreciate the profundity of her comment.

The deadline is the excuse.
Yes, we could all get better at what we do. But what if we started by claiming the talent we already have that we aren’t leveraging consistently?

Don’t you do things to yourself that prevent you from playing at your best?

A deadline gets us to focus, to quiet the noise, to eliminate or ignore distractions so we can play at full strength.

The strength was always there. The deadline is the excuse to bring it.

But what if we didn’t need the deadline?
Deadlines are a valuable tool. But there’s another way to bring all of our talent to bear — it’s totally within our control.

You can skillfully manage your mind and your habits — instead of letting the noise manage you.

What’s your mind noise that holds you back?
What limits your talent or slows you down? Are you self-critical? Do you waste energy comparing yourself to others? Are you stuck in overwhelm? Are you complaining about others or about circumstances? Or are you just distracted?

How do you play at full power?
You’ve certainly had streaks when you were on fire and unstoppable. Separate from the external drivers like deadlines and screaming clients, how do you manage yourself to play your best game?

How are you making those power moves your new, learned habits? Committing to turn them into habits could be your boldest career move, yet.

Share your experience below. How do you set yourself up for success? What habits are dampening your talent?

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