Do you give divorce gifts? My friend did.

I’m re-gifting a valuable gift from a friend.
When I went through a divorce many years ago, I fought hard to avoid the chaos and public humility I was anticipating.

I felt like a pathetic failure.
I holed myself up in a friend Virgil’s apartment in Chicago hoping the world wouldn’t notice if I just disappeared. I’m sure I looked pretty foolish trying to hide and hold everything together rather than move toward my next phase of life.

Perhaps you’ve tried this move once or twice, yourself? If you’ve ever fallen on your face publicly, you know what I’m talking about.

Essentially, I was fighting change.
If you are resisting change or living through a tough transition, this applies to you, too.

transition guidanceThen one morning, a gracious gift appeared in my inbox.
A friend who noticed I was avoiding the inevitable thoughtfully emailed me a short essay/poem to read. Everything changed after reading it.

In the years since then, I’ve dusted this off for hundreds of clients who were experiencing their own tough transition. They always thank me. Every time I share it, I use that as an excuse to re-read it.

Take a minute to enjoy this piece of poetic profundity right now. It’s a brief but valuable read—worth reading now and saving to re-read during every tough transition.

Sadly, the author is no longer living, but he must have been a wise man. Read and enjoy!


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