March Madness is upon us. Even if you don’t like basketball, you can turn it into your own leadership development self-study program. Don’t you see a bit of… Read More

What does an old farmer know about a bigger business harvest for you?

This blog comes as a challenge to you to step up, now. It’s hinting at spring in the northern hemisphere. It’s the perfect time to apply some old… Read More

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Top 7 reasons people will buy (or reject) your bold idea

If you want to lead a revolution, you must master how to enroll supporters in your bold ideas. Your idea is too big to deliver alone.  You need… Read More


Can you take the heat?

Have you noticed that as you lead more boldly, you also get more unsolicited feedback? They’re correlated. Here’s a step-by-step of what’s going on… Read More

can you take the heat?

5 Things You Must Have If You’re the Underdog In the Fight

Last Friday was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. He would have been 207. He still inspires us, today. Perhaps we should rename Presidents Day to “Underdogs Day.” Heroes we celebrate… Read More

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Bruce Springsteen dispenses leadership gold in 6 words

Watching Beyoncé and Bruno kill it (THANK YOU!!!) during the Super Bowl Halftime show reminded me of another amazing show I saw years ago. Springsteen takes us to… Read More

Impact Players master the game

What are you willing to do when no one is watching?

It’s almost the end of January. Already, upwards of 80% of people have fallen behind or given up on their New Year’s commitment to be better. Why people… Read More

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Use Fitbit’s Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Power and Influence

The Fitbit app was the #1 downloaded app after Christmas. It’s no wonder everyone wants one. People are producing amazing results in weight loss and health simply because… Read More

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Unusually Good Career Mentoring From Rocky Balboa

If your success waned, would you persevere for 40 years to get back to the top of your game? How about 20 years?  Or even 2? How you answer… Read More

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I wish I’d known this when I was 20. Inconvenient but true.

Winners Fail Better The secret to winning isn’t a secret. It’s more like an inconvenient truism many people forget or deny. Here it is, simply put: Everybody fails,… Read More

winners fail better