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He wins championships by picking losers

The Chicago Cubs’ success carries great news for you. What can you gain? More wins and a larger fan base. But it might appear too risky. You decide.… Read More


When this guy talks, nobody moves

Could you boil your best life’s insights into 18 minutes? That’s what you’re expected to do in a TED talk. Lt. Colonel Scott Mann, Green Beret (retired), is… Read More

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Her Path to #1 — She lost more than the rest

On Sunday, Angelique Kerber won her first US Open Title and earned her first-ever #1 world tennis ranking. At 28, she’s the oldest woman to ever achieve the… Read More

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What would you have done if you’d gotten the call?

Last week, Gwen Jorgensen won her first Olympic Gold medal in the women’s triathlon. In 2009, she was a 23-year old tax accountant for a Big 6 accounting… Read More


Legalized mind control that keeps you watching the Olympics

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Why watching the Olympics will make you better at work – and everywhere.

The Olympic Games kick off this week. Be selfish. Watch them. You will be better for it. Do you know why? Catch the Champion virus. While people are… Read More

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This popular business fable will kill your success…accidentally.

A good parable helps you retain a valuable lesson for a lifetime. But what if a parable that leaders love to tell is missing the point? Oops. The… Read More

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Was their freedom sweeter because it was new?

On Sunday, January 16, 2000 in Santiago, Chile, I learned a lesson about freedom no textbook could ever teach. Mostly, I learned about my own ignorance. I sat… Read More

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Do you have the guts to expose yourself like she does? It gets rewarded.

Are you owning your stage? On Monday night, we saw a fantastic cabaret show. The star was Jane Lynch. But truthfully, we were mostly there to see my… Read More

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