Grow your power, confidence and clarity now, for the crisis that will find you

Extreme stress often arrives unexpectedly, but you don’t have to be caught off guard. After guiding thousands of leaders through high stress, I’ve learned what to expect and how to stay strong. It’s most effective to prepare in simple ways, now.

An overlooked solution

Resilience isn’t a mystery. It just takes thoughtful practice to build it. That’s the foundation of Mind2Win. People often react to day-to-day stress by being distracted, discouraged, or irritated. Those reactions quietly drain far more power than is obvious. Learning to overcome them is an overlooked, underestimated preparation for extreme stress. Plus, you reclaim power as you practice.

Mind2Win builds your Resilience muscles.

Your secret weapon becomes Resilience – your ability to stay at your best in the worst of circumstances. Resilience is a muscle you can build – or let atrophy. It’s only available in extreme stress when it’s a muscle memory. Mind2Win gives you the insight and the tools to:

  • become more clear-minded and confident every day
  • build your Resilience reservoir before you need it
  • be the one people can count on in crisis
  • achieve success in high stress more quickly with greater agility
Resilience gives you access to clarity and confidence
when stress is extreme. People instinctively
follow the resilient leader.

Mind2Win is designed to deliver one goal:

How to be Resilient under extreme stress in the real world.

This fast-paced, 6-week, virtual program helps you build Resilience quickly by applying three, proven accelerated-learning principles.
  1. Daily drip vs big gulp – you learn faster and the learning sticks far longer from very small daily activities vs big blasts, occasionally
  2. Practice over theory – brain science confirms that concept/reason is inaccessible to a brain in crisis. You need Resilience as muscle memory, which requires practice not Powerpoint.
  3. Stories, maps, action – the human mind remembers via stories, pictures, and practice, not factoids.
Here are some of the ways Mind2Win activates your Resilience:
  • Weekly videos – short, on-demand teaching videos show you the whole picture, then help you build it week by week with maps, stories, and practices.
  • Daily drip practices – You’ll practice micro-activities every day. Practice, apply, repeat.
  • Jam Sessions – live, full-group Zoom sessions provide coaching and student-student interaction to boost your confidence and enthusiasm every week.
  • Partnership and Accountability – (optional) organized connections with a small sub-group offer feedback and inspiration to keep you growing
  • Challenge, safety, and fun (CSF) – CSF is intentional, not frivolous. Every element is infused with CSF to stretch you to your learning edge. Smiling and laughter correlate with rapid learning.