In the last month in the US, we’ve been reminded that we cannot go it alone. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have put many people in danger and turned… Read More

How your double standard is failing you

I love reading biographies of great people — warriors, titans, artists, athletes, crusaders for a cause.  There’s a theme that runs across them. Not only did those people… Read More

Alexander Hamilton

Rethinking your sources of wisdom

I sat and listened intently as my mentor shared with me some pretty amazing wisdom. His perspective and experiences were so different than mine that I needed to… Read More

Would you use your power like they did?

Back in 2003 a famous incident occurred in Major League Baseball. The baseball story is just the backdrop. The real story is about power — and how you’d use… Read More

He built his strength when no one was watching

A client of mine just earned a huge new role at his company.  His progress really accelerated about five years ago when he changed his old approach. It… Read More

Her window of opportunity closed in 3.9 seconds

Last Friday night, Morgan William from Mississippi State caught the basketball at mid-court with 3.9 seconds left in a tie game. Her window of opportunity opened and closed in less… Read More

He didn’t know any better, and he paid for it.

Cooper (aka, Coop) is a strapping 16 year-old kid who just didn’t know any better. His ONE DREAM is to play college basketball. Okay, in full disclosure, he… Read More


We manufacture good luck!

You thought you were having a bad day? What’s your worst day look like? You’re 3 months behind on your most important project with only 1 month until… Read More

Cubs curse of the billy goat

He wins championships by picking losers

The Chicago Cubs’ success carries great news for you. What can you gain? More wins and a larger fan base. But it might appear too risky. You decide.… Read More


When this guy talks, nobody moves

Could you boil your best life’s insights into 18 minutes? That’s what you’re expected to do in a TED talk. Lt. Colonel Scott Mann, Green Beret (retired), is… Read More

Scott Mann TEDx