Seeing around corners

Are you often the first to recognize when something better is possible? Seeing around corners is a rare skill, which might mean you stand alone when people feel threatened by your vision. Even though it’s not personal, it can still feel thankless.

What sets you apart even further is that your vision probably isn’t just about you. Your goal is to benefit someone else – customers, your teams, or your community.

I’ll stand at your side (as a coach, consultant or teacher) and help you excel – from the early stages when you are a lone voice through building support, leading the effort, and delivering results.

I’ve mapped this territory so you can move your dream to reality faster and with greater ease. I’ll guide you through the journey thousands of leaders like you have taken to generate success. They keep returning when they need help with their next challenge.

Most change efforts stall early on. While others hesitate, understanding the terrain helps you act with confidence and awareness. Having the skills to read beneath the surface to recognize what really matters gives you an unfair advantage so you can set the tone for the entire effort.

And how we approach this matters.

You can’t transform your business
without transforming the way you lead.

David Martin conversing in hallway


We’ll start by identifying the transformational business goals you want to deliver. Then we’ll determine who’s the leader you need to become to deliver those goals. We’ll plan our work based on those business and leadership goals. My coaching of thousands of leaders like you makes our work focused, efficient, and successful. Your critical role in the business directly links transforming your leadership with transforming your business. You’re paid to deliver business results. business. You’re paid to deliver business results. In the process, experiencing your expansion as a leader makes the success deeply satisfying. Working this hard has never been so fulfilling.

David Martin in conference


The success of most breakthrough efforts is determined in the beginning. How quickly can you move your teams and partners from early confusion and overwhelm to generating quick wins? You’ll travel the path more swiftly with an experienced guide. I help your leaders gain clarity and confidence by helping them:

  • Make sense of what’s important but unclear
  • Assess the terrain of people, systems, culture that will impact your success
  • Clarify what needs attention – focus your team’s resources where it counts
  • Simplify first actions – generate wins quickly to generate positive buzz
  • Leverage support and engage resistors

David in training session


The most influential leaders build skills to lead and perform at their peak when stress is high. These intangible skills are learned, not gifted. I thrive on helping subject matter experts become the one people want to follow. Trainings consistently receive 5 stars. Leaders strengthen their resilience, leadership presence, influence, trust-building, change leadership. Programs are popular because our only success skills in the real world. People follow leaders, not concepts. We employ proven learning approaches that generate extremely high participation and retention.

I’m happy to talk about if and how I can support your success. My goal is to understand what you’re building, the history, and your plans – and to share insights. We can decide if it helps to go further.