Unusually Good Career Mentoring From Rocky Balboa

If your success waned, would you persevere for 40 years to get back to the top of your game? How about 20 years?  Or even 2?

How you answer those questions probably says more about your future success than any job-related talent you have.

Stallone and Damon Gave a Tutorial in Career Building and Success

The Golden Globes Awards were presented on Sunday night. A Golden Globe is major recognition of accomplishment. It’s super competitive because there is so much great talent……just like at your work.

The acceptance speeches for Sylvester Stallone and Matt Damon should be required viewing for anyone who wants to make a great impact in their career.

Stallone and Damon both received mega recognition for the first films of their careers, Rocky and Goodwill Hunting, respectively. For Stallone, that was almost 40 years ago.  For Damon, almost 20.

It Took a Looooong Time to Make It Back to The Top

While both have had plenty of success over the years, neither had been recognized again as the best with a Golden Globe until now.

In their acceptance speeches, both acknowledged how long it had been. Damon said, “…I’ve made a lot of movies that people just didn’t go see….” But he kept making movies. And so did Stallone.

Would You be Able to Hang in There for That Long?

success takes timeWill you be recognized for your accomplishment in 2036? What about 2056? Let Stallone and Damon school you on what it takes.

They demonstrate two SKILLS that allowed them to rise again decades after their last mega success: 1. Resilience and 2. Courage.

Resilience and Courage are skills you build, not God-given talents.

Resilience: This is your ability to get back in the game at full power after failure and setback.

How strong is your Resilience?

If you’re doing something big, you’re going to encounter countless obstacles and setbacks. How willing are you to keep bouncing back to achieve your goals? What if it took 2 years to succeed? 20 years?  40?

Count on setbacks. How long will you persevere?

Courage: This is born from your connection to a bigger reason, something bigger than yourself. It could be a person, a cause, a group, an outcome. It keeps you going.

Courage is the one emotion strong enough to overcome fear. You’ll never avoid fear, so you’ll need to constantly stoke your Courage.

How strong is your Courage—your connection to something bigger than you are?

Live Where The Air is Rare

Stallone and Damon are remarkable because few people would have remained as resilient and courageous as they did. Because of that, they breathe rarified air.

The same is true among your colleagues. Few will develop the Resilience and Courage to do all they’re capable of. But you can, if you understand what it takes and build it.

Will you choose it for yourself? It’s a rewarding ride.

Share your own experience with a comment below. Who is your inspiration for Resilience and Courage? What have you learned from them?

Want to Build Your Skills of Resilience and Courage?

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