Have you made winning too complicated?

If your goal is to make a great impact in your business and your life, your work falls into two simple categories:master chaos

  1. Times of chaos, confusion, and crisis
  2. Times when you’re preparing for Chaos, confusion, and crisis

People who don’t care if they make an impact have other options. But for impact players, it’s not complicated.

Keeping it that simple can set you free to make a true impact. And it sets you up to have way, way more fun.

And there’s more good news.

Not only are Category 1 and 2 where the business transformation occurs. It’s where your leadership transformation occurs. This is where you become a better person. Wiser. Stronger. More courageous. You’re forging yourself in the fire.

Sometimes the fire seems too hot.

Some folks (including me on occasion) want to have an impact but don’t like Category 1 or Category 2. So they create another category called “AVOIDING Chaos, Confusion and Crisis.”

But that’s just a fantasy. It’s a little lie we tell ourselves to feel better…”I can bypass the messiness and inconvenience and still change the world.”

If we’re serious about the impact, eventually we’re back in Category 1 or Category 2.

Let’s stop the madness!

How much time and energy do you invest trying to hold back the waves instead of going with them?

We know it’s ridiculous when we see someone else trying it. When we do it ourselves, we have a thousand explanations for why.

You can fight the chaos or you can master the chaos.

Navigating these two common mindsets, A. Threat mindset or B. Challenge mindset, is not easy, but mastering the chaos is definitely more satisfying and productive. And less complicated.

It’s a choice.

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