Top 7 reasons people will buy (or reject) your bold idea

If you want to lead a revolution, you must master how to enroll supporters in your bold ideas.

Your idea is too big to deliver alone.  You need advocates.

You may have to start with easing their resistance, then move them from non-resistance to active support.  There are more of them than you, so even easing their resistance is a valuable first step.

It’s obvious to you why your idea is brilliant, but it takes wisdom, patience and finesse to bring new supporters along.

Tie a little string around your finger (or save the download) for the next time you have a breakthrough idea that is too big to deliver alone.

Breakthrough ideas usually begin as controversial ideas.
Be prepared.

My small team and I have guided leaders to apply these 7 Steps to drive multi-million dollar initiatives forward. Please use these.

So that you can keep it handy, I’ve created the 7 Step Checklist you can file away for future use(download pdf below).  Here is the first Step.  Even though it’s counter-intuitive, if you won’t do this one, don’t bother with the rest.

#1 People know they are free to say no. What?!!!  That’s crazy, isn’t it?  Actually, this may be the most important piece of all.  You don’t want people to say yes because they feel trapped.  If it’s a forced “yes,” they’ll find a way to sabotage later, even if it’s unconscious.  But a “yes” of their choosing is priceless.  To choose “yes” emphatically, they need to know that “no” is a legitimate option.  Put yourself in their shoes if you are still skeptical.  How do you like it when your yes is expected? And how strong is your support when it is forced?

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Go make your dent in the Universe.

7 Steps to Enroll Advocates in Your Bold Idea Checklist Download

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