Use Fitbit’s Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Power and Influence

The Fitbit app was the #1 downloaded app after Christmas.

It’s no wonder everyone wants one. People are producing amazing results in weight loss and health simply because they wrapped a little band around their wrist.

It’s not the gadgetry. It’s the strategy. (Yes, I’m having fun with words.)

Fitbit is easy and effective, but the magic isn’t just in the technology. Fitbit works because the designers cleverly used a mash-up of three proven high performance strategies to help you:

  1. change critical, stubborn behaviors so that
  2. you’re finally able to achieve those elusive results.

But wait! It’s not just for tangible results like weight loss. 

These strategies not only work with tangible goals like weight loss. Leaders with no gadget on their wrist have applied these same strategies to achieve intangible results like

  1. greater power and influence or better sales skills so that
  2. they create business and career breakthroughs.

high performance strategiesWhat are the high performance strategies Fitbit leverages so well?

  1. From unclear to measurable. Fitbit takes the old adage, “People produce what you measure” to a new extreme. You can now easily measure and monitor Key Performance Drivers (KPDs) that greatly affect your health, like step count, heart rate, and water intake.
 What are the little behavioral shifts that must occur for you to achieve the elusive goal you seek? How can you make them measurable?
  2. From private to public. Our health or our weight is no longer a taboo subject we only discuss with a close friend, doctor, or trainer. Fitbit makes measuring healthy activities part of the public conversation by displaying it on our wrists and letting us share progress with friends. We share how many steps we took today (a KPD of health) like we used to talk about what we watched on TV last night.
  3. From work to a game. Simply turning an activity into a game, especially if it’s a mundane or challenging activity (e.g., exercising or drinking water), elicits higher engagement from people. Gamification has become a multi-billion dollar industry because it works.

Ready to achieve a new personal or team best?

You can apply these strategies for a variety of results. For example, they’ll help you:

  • Close sales and build revenues faster
  • Implement big strategic change initiatives more smoothly
  • Repair broken customer relationships
  • Meet project deadlines more quickly
  • Have fewer, more productive meetings

What are the big results you want to deliver in 2016?

Whether they’re tangible or intangible, leverage these three strategies to get there faster and easier, just like Fitbit does for weight loss and better health.

Please make a comment below. I want to learn from you: What are your high performance strategies that make you most effective?

GrowYourPowerAndInfluenceIf you learn best from example, click here to download a simple, road-tested application of the strategies to help you build your Power and Influence as a leader. I shared this with a client 15 years ago, and he’s still using it today as a CEO.