An expert dog-trainer gave me an insight about stress-sensitive dogs that we also need to apply to ourselves during this extended period of high stress. Resilience-building 101. Read More

First, I lost my cool. Then, I lost my power.

Today, I’m re-sharing one of my most popular posts. With just a couple of edits, it seems highly fitting for these COVID19 times.  If you are feeling any… Read More

How is trust-building in crisis different? One subtle shift.

Summary statement: One key component of trust-building takes on greater meaning during a crisis. Some leaders think they’re already doing it, but they’re confusing it with another, easier… Read More

Do you give isolation gifts? You’ll need what my friend gave me.

I hope you are well. If you or people you care about are experiencing isolation or anxiety, here’s something I trust you’ll find helpful. This includes a brief… Read More

divorce gifts

What’s the leadership equivalent of don’t touch your face?

Things can go from hopeful to hateful in no time. You’ve been watching it unfold in front of you. It just takes one person to show they’re anxious,… Read More

Leading through chaos — from someone I trust deeply

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt the emotional temperature of the world elevating daily. In the US, things have changed rapidly in the past 10 days.… Read More

I heard a voice in my head and it wasn’t mine

A respite from the many coronavirus messages you’ll read today… My Uncle Andy was one of those larger than life characters. Everyone knew him. And as far as… Read More

Kate is guaranteed a life-changing outcome if she endures this. So are you.

There she stood, exposed like few humans ever are. On September 16, Kate Flannery was of the 12 contestants who began Dancing with the Stars latest season. Kate,… Read More

A 7-year old’s generosity sparked a national movement. What could yours do?

Spark 1: A young boy’s generous gift to his dad. Brayden was seven years old in 2009 when his dad, Scott, was deployed for the 8th time in… Read More

Leadership 201: He didn’t hate the dog. It just wasn’t his.

Underdogs: sometimes it’s not just a metaphor. A few weeks ago, our dog, Lulu, got puppy-shamed…if there is such a thing. Don’t worry. She’s still as joyful as… Read More