Leading through chaos — from someone I trust deeply

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt the emotional temperature of the world elevating daily. In the US, things have changed rapidly in the past 10 days. I’ve definitely been grabbed by my own emotions a few times.

What are you doing to stay at your best? Are you comfortable leading through change of this unprecedented speed and magnitude?

Leaders are stepping up.
A dear, trusted friend of mine happens to know A LOT about thriving during chaotic and even dangerous times. Lt Col Scott Mann, Green Beret (retired) served 23 years in the Army, 18 of those in Special Forces.

Scott’s deeply trained and experienced at leading himself and others through difficult times. He has very generously developed a free video training program that you can watch now. (Or maybe this weekend. Hint. Hint.) He’s giving us immediately applicable ideas and tools to lead and even to thrive during these very confusing times.

I’m amazed at how many powerful lessons he’s packed into these 8 short videos. I feel more calm and better prepared after watching them.

I hope you’ll watch them—maybe multiple times. Please, share them with your friends and family who also want to keep leading at their best, especially now.

Thank you to Scott for creating this program in just a few days so we could all benefit. Scott’s asking for nothing in return for this except to share this with others who you believe will value it.

People need your best leadership, right now.

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