When They Underestimate You, Thank Them for the Compliment

Someone is underestimating you this very minute.

If you’re doing something bold and important, someone out there thinks you’re gonna fail, that you’re off path, maybe even that you’re off your rocker. You can let this bring you down or you can understand this is evidence that you’re pushing the limit.

When someone underestimates you, thank them for the compliment. It’s their way of acknowledging that you’re going for it.

There are two smart things you can recognize about this:

  1. The reason they think you’ll fail is they can’t see what you see. Part of being an Impact Player means you have a vision and insight that others don’t have.
  2. The reason they think you’ll fail is that they see something YOU can’t see. Hey, they’re not wrong. They just don’t realize someone can overcome the obstacles they’re pointing to.

So what do you do?

  1. Understand the issue they see that you’re not seeing. Just don’t assume it can’t be solved. And of course, find a way to take care of it.
  2. Understand the way they understand things. Eventually, you’ll need to bring them along with you to co-create the outcome they can’t yet see. They’ll be much more willing to join you if they know you understand their world.

Their believing you can’t do it says more about them than you. Don’t let their doubt become yours.

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