How has life changed you? Your invisible shifts of 2020

Sometimes life shapes us like a chisel cutting stone. Sometimes it changes us more subtly like a smooth running stream.

Unless you were living UNDER that stone, you’ve been changed by your experiences since March of 2020. You’ve probably been both chiseled and steadily smoothed into a new human.

Even if it was a difficult year, that doesn’t mean you’re not better for it. In fact, perhaps because it WAS a difficult year, your evolution was guaranteed.

But how are you different? And what have you learned?

Here’s the easy part.

You might appreciate that your kids are taller than last year—or even last week. You enjoy watching a team member or a friend who’s able to accomplish new things as they learn and change.

It can be deeply satisfying to make note of the tangible progress your efforts are creating. It’s sometimes even more fulfilling to watch others evolve.

But in the living of day-to-day life, the progress within yourself isn’t so obvious.

How much of your own progress have you acknowledged?

When we reach the edge of what we know or of what we believe to be true is when the deep and accelerated learning can occur, unless we fight it.

Learning can be extremely uncomfortable. But if you’re reading this post voluntarily, you’ve self-identified as a person who’s open to learning. Let’s assume you’ve changed in the last year.

But how? And what will you do with that change?

Do yourself a favor. Block 5–15 minutes on your schedule in the next 24 hours and ask yourself a few questions so you don’t squander this new knowledge and power you’ve earned.

Progress gauge:

Pick any areas of your life that matter to you, and simply ask yourself these questions to capture your progress.

Looking from present to past:

  1. What am I doing now that I couldn’t do (or didn’t believe I’d do) a year ago?
  2. What do I believe is possible now that I didn’t a year ago?
  3. What gets me excited or captures my interest that I used to not notice?
  4. What do I get angry, sad, or resentful about now more than before?
  5. What knowledge/skill/emotional gaps did the pressure test of 2020 reveal that I want to get better at?

Looking from present to future:

  1. From my new perspective, where and how do I want to contribute in new ways?
  2. What are the things that I’m saying about myself that will help me make this happen?
  3. What are the things I’m committed to learning to make this happen?

The past year changed everything. The once-inconceivable in your world may now be possible. What are you prepared to bring to the party in this new world?

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